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Please visit our interactive classroom models above.   

All of the classrooms at The Learning Tree Child Care Centers are equipped with age appropriate materials that exceed the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services guidelines.  We strive to provide an atmosphere that says, “Come join us!”  Each classroom offers an environment where developmentally appropriate learning occurs.  Children learn through play and hands-on activities.  We offer such an environment where learning is incorporated into our daily routines.  Safety features are prominent throughout each classroom.  Cabinetry has safety latches and all electrical outlets are covered.  Routine toy and surface sanitation procedures help to provide a clean and healthy atmosphere.  A sink in every classroom promotes clean habits and ensures quick and easy clean-up.  Each of our classrooms also features a bathroom for the children.  The Learning Tree classrooms provide endless opportunities for learning and discovery in a safe, secure and healthy environment.   


The Elgin West Center The Elgin East Center The Huntley  Center The Algonquin Center Infant room